Fall 2013: First Impressions FINAL ROUND

After this last burst, I think I have a good inkling about what shows I’ll attempt to stick out until at least episode 3.

Samurai Flamenco

Like many others, I thought, “Man, this feels a lot like Kick-Ass“. But here it actually works. We end up with a cool take on the superhero genre, much in the same way Tiger & Bunny did before, that showcases both the idea of modern disillusionment with the idea of the superhero and the nostalgic yearning for a time when that disillusionment wasn’t present. Plus it deals with some interesting societal stuff, especially given that it deals with rules and rule-breaking and the law in a society as rigid as Japan (appears to be). So count me a fan on that note.

samurai flamenco 1

As for the show itself, the character interactions work well – there’s some good writing here. The banter between Goto and Masayoshi was quite nice overall. The “live action directing style” of Omori Takahiro also comes out here, and I think in a positive way.

samurai flamenco 3

I talked about in a previous post how “Harikiri Samurai” seems to be doing something really clever here, and is probably the coolest thing about the show I’ve seen so far. It manages to both honor and satirize the genre while simultaneously showing the power of media to transform the past.

samurai flamenco 2

For all this positive stuff though, something about it just didn’t pull me in. I definitely enjoyed it, but for some reason I just didn’t really enjoy it. But consider me in for the next couple episodes at least.

Galilei Donna

This was pretty weird, but in a good way. The fish AI was hilarious. The random terrorist was hella-classy. The action scenes were good, and the humor was so bizarre that I could take it. An interesting homage to Galileo, with each of the family members seeming to showcase different portions of his talent/personality.galilei donna

I’ll give this at least two more episodes. Besides, the animation is pretty baller.


First off, this show is the most bonkers fujoshi bait I’ve seen yet. An entire club centered around hot guys who live for the GLORY OF MEGANE? That’s a pretty simple, yet possibly effective, premise. I mean, I watched the first two episodes, so there has to be something going for it. Right?

meganebu 1

First off, I love the color pallet – bright colors everywhere is definitely my style. Still, part of the IMPACTO is reduced because I harbor this never-to-be realized wish though that a show will one day be animated in the style of the Rinne no Lagrange OP/ED, and shows that come close but don’t get quite there just leave me going “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYYYYYYYY”. Because that shit was the bomb.

Rinne no Lagrange

The budget on this show is so low, and it does show; to compensate, it pulls a lot of interesting visual stunts to keep viewers interested (like Shaft, but not as weird), many of which are cool manga/comics-like visual effects. It gives the show an interesting vibe.

meganebu 2

The mecha scene was pretty great – I was a little bit let down that it wasn’t going to be an actual scene in the show.

meganebu 3

The flying glasses scene in episode 2 did make up for it though.

meganebu 4

The best part of the anime, though, is the sound effects. I don’t know how or why they got an a capella group to sing “Megane!” all the time, but it’s AWESOME.

All things considered though, the show isn’t really that great. It pulls some cool stunts here and there, but overall doesn’t leave me going “MEGANE FOR LIFE” after every episode.

Legend of Korra (Book 2: Spirits)

Note: Misfortunedogged has essentially summarized most of my critiques of this show (or if not we’ve discussed it in the comments), so I’ll just be hyper-linking to him for the more substantiate stuff. I do tend to view the show more positively than he does though.

Thought I might as well throw this in here, even if this is pretty much halfway done with its current 2nd season. I really like the new season over the first one.  This season seems to have dealt with a some of the pacing issues (fast but not blazing) that plagued the first season, among other problems, and has really started to home in thematically both within each episode and overall. Although I still have some issues with the show, I find much of the drama is believable (and tolerable), and the characters for the most part much improved over their Season One counterparts.

legend of korra 1

Also: Varrick is THE MAN. Just wanted to put that out there.


I’ll probably be updating my “Currently Watching” page in the next week or so once the third episode for many of these shows rolls around, but for now I’ll just throw up my MAL page in case anyone wants to comment on my taste ;). (Note: For me, a “2” means that a show is so horrible it’s amazing. 1’s are reserved for truly horrible stuff.) Let me know if there’s something I’m missing and should be watching!


Random final thoughts:

– Everyone who dropped Little Busters! should go watch the new season. It’s so much better than the first in almost every way, shape, and form.
– Kill la Kill is definitely worth the watch if you’re into pretty much anything. Also much cleverer than it first appears, much as TTGL is.
 Infinite Stratos 2 I think is the best anime for harem-building and male-oriented shipping this season, and possibly the whole year.
– Kyoukai no Kanata shouldn’t just be viewed as “typical KyoAni” stuff – because it looks pretty good and deserves to be treated better than such. Man, even Hyouka had to put up with this nonsense, and I feel it’s time we stop applying this type of mindset to everything the studio puts out. Because they put out some damn good stuff that gets downgraded for seemingly no reason (my “ranting glasses” are on now though, so I could easily be missing something obvious).
– Monogatari: Second Season is absolutely excellent. Also, if anyone can actually explain to me how apparitions works in a coherent, internally-consistent manner, I’d be most grateful. Because they’re pretty crazy.
– Walkure Romanze deserves a medal or something. Biggest sleeper of the season that’s taken me by storm.

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