Diablolik Lovers Episode 5: More Abuse and TRAGIC BACKSTORIES

Watching this so you don’t have to.

Things didn’t get too much better for our heroine this week. Kanato (the dude with the teddy bear) first bullies Yui into bringing a bunch of roses to his mother’s grave, and then gets angry and abuses her when she tries to leave. Afterwards, we get a short visit from an uncle and some mysterious dialogue about “the awakening”, followed by Yui getting abused by Reiji (the polite, formal, butler dude) after she wakes him up from a nightmare.

BUT THERE’S ALSO PLOT FOLKS. For we get some hint that maybe Yui is tied up in the vampires tragic pasts! We also get more flashbacks to help justify their abuse.

Relevant screencaps below, peppered with some commentary and synopsis stuff. Quality is pretty bad because I streamed the episode. I’ll probably try and watch it in higher quality in the future so I can FULLY SAVOR the suffering.

[After the OP, we come across Yui and Kanato in the yard. Yui is picking flowers, when Kanato orders her to come with him, noting that she should hurry or else he’ll be displased and probably hurt her. He then shows her his mom’s grave, and admits to killing her. After this conversation, Yui drops off the flowers and then tries to leave. Kanato then screams at her for being selfish and inconsiderate, and starts beating his mom’s grave with the flowers. After trying to tell Kanato to stop beating his mothers grave with them, we get this.]
Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.28

Oh man – she’s done it now!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.31 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.34

Wait what just happened?

[Yui tries to back away, but trips over.]Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.47 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.52 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.12.54

I think this might’ve been a little bit uncalled for.

[Kanato then climbs on top of her]Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.13.33 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.13.38 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.13.41 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.13.47

You know it.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.14.54 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.15.01

That seems like a completely logical response. Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.15.07

Look at that loving caress. *shudders*Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.15.24

Although this totally isn’t right, I chuckled a little bit here since it looked like he was biting her boob instead of her shoulder. It was a good break – I’m not sure I could’ve watched the episode non-stop without it.

[Afterwards, we have some dialogue, Yui is ogled by a visiting uncle, and then she wakes Reiji up because he is having a nightmare. He then goes to make tea, after which this delightful conversation takes place.]
Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.18.17 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.18.20 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.18.24

I do like the reiteration here, just in case “conceited” wasn’t enough.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.18.59

IS THAT A FLASHBACK TO REIJI’S PAST I SEE?! PERHAPS HINTS AS TO WHY HE HATES SHUU (the headphone wearing dude who saved Yui in episode 1 and then sucked her blood in a bathtub in episode 3)?!?!?! OMG!!!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.20.37

Oh – what a nice change of heart!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.20.38 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.20.54 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.20.56

Oh god – that can’t be good.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.04 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.09

Wait – what? He gave her tea just so he could poison her or something?!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.22 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.24

2romantic4me.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.31 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.21.51

Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.22.14

[Yui’s cut her hand quite badly, which is what Reiji sees.]Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.23.09

Mhmmmmm – ‘dat wide-eyed terror.
Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.23.11 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.23.18

Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.23.33 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.24.29 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.24.32

This, I think, sums up the show pretty well.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.24.52 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.24.54

If only this were Nana to Kaoru
Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.31 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.35 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.38 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.41 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.46 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.49

I…did not think of that. 5 POINTS TO REIJI.Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.56 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.25.59 Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.26.03

I can’t imagine a better fate!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.26.42

OMG IS THIS ANOTHER DEEP FLASHBACK INTO REIJI’S TORTURED PAST?! LOOK AT ALL THOSE PARALLELS!Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.26.52Ok – now everything’s forgiven because Reiji’s just a hurt child who needs Yui’s help to be made whole again.

I think I’ve found the short-term solution to watching Diabolik Lovers. Eventually, I’d like to be able to take this type of show completely seriously (and fujoshi-ly, if that’s a word); however, in the short term, I’ll treat this the same way I initially treated Crime Edge – as a “Bad Movie” sort of thing that you watch specifically to make fun of for your own entertainment. Hopefully as the episodes go on, that mentality will wear off, but for now I think it’s necessary. Because, god knows how miserable/disgusted I would’ve been right now if I actually took the entire episode seriously.

8 responses to “Diablolik Lovers Episode 5: More Abuse and TRAGIC BACKSTORIES

  1. I loved Crime Edge! Unironically! Iwai X CrimeEdge OTP of the year for sure! Kiri’s okay as well.

    Unlike Crime Edge, Diabolik Lovers has a severe lack of lolis.

    • I can get behind that. OTP fo’ shizzle.

      The lack of lolis in Diabolik Lovers now will haunt me every episode as I wait in anticipation of the likely scissors abuse scene (they have to hit that eventually, right?!). WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

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