Due to the subscription/search-based format for blogging and reading posts, it’s easy for older posts to get lost in the larger scheme of things and for blogs in general to be a little hard to search through. This is especially true for this blog since our publishing schedule tends to be highly irregular.

To make things a bit easier, I’ve tried to do my best to make sure most of the content we post here is easily accessible/searchable by using decently consistent and helpful categories/tags. In addition, I’ve tried to make the overall structure of this blog relatively clear, and include both a layout of the site and a short sample of each of our posts below.


  • Home: Contains a collection of our most recent posts, with the ones we especially like featured on the front page. As older posts are not displayed, you have to search for them by category, tag, or using the search box in the sidebar.
  • Intro: Gives a brief overview of the blog and how it got started and describes some of the things you’ll be likely to find here.
  • About Us: Just short descriptions about who we are as people.
  • Anime Reviews: A collection of all the anime we’ve reviewed/discussed/analyzed on the blog.
  • Book Reviews: A collection of all the (often academic) anime-related books that I’ve reviewed on the blog.
  • Interpretation: A description of my ongoing project to understand media–and ourselves–through the ways we interpret it (centered on anime, of course!). Contains a summary of my own posts plus links to other sites/places I’ve found interesting and/or helpful.
  • Bibliography: A collection of all the books I’ve bought and/or read that are in some ways related to understanding anime, media, and fandom.
  • Blogroll: A collection of all the anime blogs I subscribe to. The smaller selection in the sidebar are the ones I like best at the moment.


Here are a couple posts that in general set the tone for the things we tend to blog about and showcase our varied writing styles. These are listed in no particular order.


Posts on interpretation and fandom:

Posts on individual shows:

Posts on random things:



Posts on random things:


Conversational-style posts:

Last updated: 05/21/2018

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