Adventures in Japan (And Jackass Penguins)

***Quick note so for some reason Josh’s account was signed in on my computer and I didn’t notice until after I published, but this was written by me (Rebecca), not Josh.***


Hey everyone! Sorry we’ve been out of touch for a while–Josh and I (okay mostly me) have been busy with work. I have a real grown up person job, guys! I’m also addicted to coffee. That being said, we haven’t been traveling around as much, but since it’s New Years vacation and I have some time off I thought I’d throw up another post about what we’ve been doing lately :). On that note: HAPPY 2016! I can’t believe it’s a new year already–so crazy. Hopefully you all did something fun to celebrate and didn’t wake up with a splitting hangover. Josh and I watched a very disappointing feed of the events in Tokyo and then came home to snuggle up, watch a movie, and eat some junk food. That’s my kind of party haha.

creepy santa

This is the creepy Christmas banner Josh insisted on putting up in our apartment. If you can’t read it, it says: “Santa Claus is Coming to your House”…

But in terms of other things? These are the places we’ve visited over the past few weeks. I have pictures!

Ueno Zoo:

I have to apologize in advance, but I’m kind of obsessed with turtles so basically all of the pictures are of the turtles, so bear (this is funny because I also have pictures of pandas) with me.


Bear with me ;)

Ever since I was little, the reptile house was always my favorite part of the zoo–my parents can attest to this. I’m kind of chill with all the snakes and lizards.



Giant salamander!

See I’m being nice and giving you all the other pictures first so that when I spam turtle pictures you can just skip past that part.

Turtle <3

Turtle <3


Turtles ;)



Don’t worry, this one is a tortoise ;D

long neck turtle

Last one I promise.

Okay now that I got that out of my system I’d like to include the pictures that inspired this post title. So these penguins are more commonly known as the Africa Penguin and in most of the English speaking world I think that’s how they’d be labelled in the zoo, but this being Japan I guess they had to be a rebel and use their alternate name:


At first I thought this was a mistranslation, but it’s a real thing…

It’s okay though, the penguins are still adorable and look the same as your standard image so no harm done there :).


What cute little jackasses.

Tokyo Station:

I wasn’t feeling super awesome when we went to Tokyo station so I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but it was a lot of fun and definitely worth checking out (they have a Ghibli store!) if you have time. It’s a really good place to buy some cool souvenirs or just some merchandise for yourself. Also, if you like ramen there’s a whole passageway dedicated to ramen restaurants that you can check out!

There was also a Gundam Cafe that I took a picture of because one of my students at the time was super obsessed with Gundam and I thought it was funny.

Gundam cafe

The specialty food section of the station was pretty impressive: they had fancy KitKats and this automated taiyaki machine and set of presses. This one looks like it has azuki (red bean paste) filling, which is one of the most popular fillings. Totally delicious and worth getting for a snack (or after you drink a little too much…oops) if you’re in Japan.


Appreciate the silhouette of my legs and the crummy lighting.


Okay guys, now Akihabara has a lot of NSFW stuff and I couldn’t take a ton of pictures for that reason, but I kid you not this sign was just hanging out on the street in plain view of anyone who cared to read it so I’m going to include it in the post, but it’s super NSFW.


(Stay above the safe line if you are in public)

[Josh: The “safe line”? Really? :p]




Yea so it’s things like this hanging out in the middle of the street that give Japan a weird reputation. Anyway you can revert your eyes to the rest of the post since there’s nothing else weird in it.

We had fun in Akihabara. Josh got three new figures–much to my chagrin (two from Madoka and one from Chu2koi). I was in a perpetual state of being weirded out and feeling super awkward and female since pretty much every store was filled with guys looking at porno mags.

We had fun though! Or rather, I think Josh had a lot more fun than I did. Although he’s been there like a dozen times already, so…yea. It was definitely an experience though and I think it’s good I went at least once. I was really disappointed that there wasn’t a turtle to be seen, but you can’t win them all.

aki picture

Pictures like this remind everyone how short I am.

Bonus! Weird Sushi!

So there’s this conveyer-belt sushi place at the mall near our apartment and Josh and I probably go there at least once a week. Most of the sushi is pretty standard fare, but sometimes I stumble upon a real gem so I found two such gems this week and I thought I’d share. The picture quality isn’t wonderful since I had to catch them as they were going around a moving belt.

Corn sushi

Corn mayo salad sushi

bacon sushi

Bacon sushi

That’s all for today! May your 2016 be filled with all the weird sushi you care to eat haha. Catch you next time!

-Rebecca and Josh (but mostly Rebecca since Josh has spent the last week playing Assassin’s Creed :p)

Zoo Selfie


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