Diabolik Lovers Episode 6: “Man is weak, so I must believe”

This week, the spotlight was on Kanato (the purple-haired teddy bear loving “looks 12 but really is 17” guy) and Raito (the “I wear cool fedoras and call you Bitch-chan” guy), with some appearances by Subaru (the white/pink-haired “I should be the lead singer of a visual kei band” guy). There’s wasn’t as much crazy abuse as last week: we start to see some character development and melodrama emerge, as well as some hints at the underlying “plot” that supposedly will be revealed at some point. So that was a bit of a bummer. My bet is that this “plot” will probably revolve around some strange past trauma associated with their mother and/or father that Yui is somehow related to, but at this point I’m wondering if she’ll survive to even see the light of day!

Anyways, all legitimate/critical talk of the show aside (and 6 episodes in, it is getting easier), let’s get down to business.

Our episode starts with Yui hearing someone singing on the balcony in Engrish. It’s some old children’s song, because those are all creepy as fuck, so of course she goes to investigate. And who else is singing but the great Kanato, sitting on the edge of the balcony railing no less. Of course, Yui’s pretty concerned about his well-being, because he’s been so nice to her and all, and pleads with him to get down because he could fall off and hurt himself. Kanato quickly derails that conversation. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.41.36 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.41.40 My thoughts exactly. KOWAI IS THE NEW KAWAII YO. So, after complimenting her on her appearance, Kanato shows he has a heart and takes her concerns seriously.Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.42.39 See? So considerate. And because Yui is such a kind person, and because this is the totally reasonable thing to do, she spends some time actually pondering whether to take Kanato up on his request. Kanato is amused. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.43.05 I can’t imagine anything more arousing or romantic than this. INSULT ME MOAR KANATO!

After this, Kanato decides to fall off the balcony for fun. Yui runs down to the grounds in a panic hoping he’s alright, but, since he’s a vampire, he of course is completely unharmed. He then mocks her for being an idiot and thinking that fall would harm him, and then decides to take her to go see one of his favorite/special places.


The location? A mausoleum of wax doll brides. After which Kanato essentially proposes to her. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.15 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.19 Wait wait wait. So these wax dolls were actually PEOPLE you killed and then framed in wedding dresses? And you want Yui to become one? I can’t imagine a more attractive proposal! Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.26 Oh you – you had me at “silent corpse”. There’s no need to tell me more – I’m already on the verge of bursting into tears of joy! Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.32 Well, I just can’t refuse now, can I? WAIT. TEDDY X YUI OTP. WHY DIDN’T I SEE IT BEFORE?!Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.39 Oh, just take me now Kanato! Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.52 Okay, so maybe I wasn’t quite serious about the “taking me now” part…Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.46.57 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.01 Wait, what?Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.06 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.08 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.09 I just…I can’t. This is too much for mai poor kokoro to handle. TOO MUCH. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.26 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.27 See? The fact that he specifies “neat” and “tidy” shows he does care! Kanato really loves her! Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.31 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.35 I personally think “blood red” would be a good pick – it’s presence would be a nice contrast to her drained and lifeless corpse, and, since it’s similar to her current eye color, would provide a semblance of life that otherwise might be lost!

Oh, and speaking of her appearance, Kanato informs her about her future possibilities as a silent corpse even moreso than he already has. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.38 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.47.41 What a wonderfully joyful image. Thank you Kanato. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.48.20 Oh god, here it comes!Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.48.26 Thanks for the clarification, Yui – I was afraid I could misinterpret this scene. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.48.32 TAKE ME KANATO – MY BODY IS READY.

Right at this point, Ayato shows up to save Yui from her betrothal, telling Kanato that Reiji wants to see him. Kanato leaves in a huff. Ayato then leans down, ready to bite Yui…but then pulls back, saying he’s “not in the mood”. CLEARLY A SIGN OF GROWING EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT AND HOW YUI IS MAKING HIM A MORE CONSIDERATE AND BETTER PERSON AND HELPING HIM OVERCOME HIS PAST TRAUMAS. Character development too strong sometimes.

After this, we fast forward to later that night. Yui is wandering around and runs into Subaru, posing at the windowsill. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.52.22 It’s almost a new moon that night, and the sky is cloudy. For some reason, this means that Yui has a chance to escape the house, and so Subaru tells her that if she wants to go she should do it now. Yui starts packing her things, but then decides “I want to get to the truth about my father” and so decides to stay. She’s so brave! Subaru then pretty much goes “what a fucking bitch” and asks her random questions while Yui fidgets around. BUT THEN THE INTENSE EYES GO OFF. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.53.30 And then you know we’re in for a TRAGIC PAST FLASHBACK. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.53.31 Followed by possible revelation that is then never explained. Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.53.32 Because of this, Subaru decides to give her a silver knife that he’d been permanently carrying around on his person at all times which CAN BE USED TO KILL VAMPIRES. Which totally makes 100% sense.Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.53.44 Yui, who’s a little bit confused, then heads back to her room, where she’s greeted by this site:Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.54.37 I don’t know about you, but I think I need a change of underpants after such a blisteringly erotic scene. We then have some short banter before Raito notices the knife. Which brings him to this rant: Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.56.54 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.03 Awwww – that’s so morbidly romantic! What could be hotter than stabbing your lover through the heart with a knife to show how much you care?Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.12 Ok – that was a bit of a strange transition. Were you going somewhere with that, Raito? [Warning: some triggering stuff below]Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.18 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.35 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.39 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.42 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.47 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.49 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.57.50 YES RAITO YES I WANT YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! This “conversation” is then immediately followed by Raito trying to come up with reasons for Bitch-chan to give in to her clear desires for him. His logic went something like this:

  • God doesn’t exist, because vampires.
  • Therefore, you don’t have to obey the rules.
  • Therefore, you should give in to your sexual urges for me.

The flow of logic was impeccable, and so I was expecting to see Yui scream out her clear desire for him any second. Instead, however, I got this rebuttal: Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.58.35 Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.58.37 *slow applause*Screenshot 2013-10-22 01.58.50You said it.

2 responses to “Diabolik Lovers Episode 6: “Man is weak, so I must believe”

    • Well, see there is a very simple answer to this, Froggykun. I am so used to Josh watching weird shows while I’m around that I’ve become a bit apathetic. If I were to watch it it though, my response would probably be something along the lines of “whoever made this show should probably be locked up”.

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