Following Flawfinder’s idea of keeping the sidebar relatively clear of too much clutter, I decided to dedicate a separate page to detail blogs that I think are pretty cool but that aren’t necessarily listed on the sidebar.

Recommended Blogs

Stuff that I’m either reading now, or that I read in the past and really enjoyed.

  • Anime Monographia – Although relatively new, Jstorming’s approach to anime with a keen eye towards literature has led to some great reviews on a wide variety of shows.
  • Atelier Emily – I’ll quote Appropriant here, since he sums Emily’s blog up perfectly: “Infinitely more eloquent with the English language than I, Emily articulates her burgeoning appreciation towards the denser anime with such grace and love. All I can really do is continue reading all this perfection with the burning envy of a thousand suns.”
  • Behind the Nihon Review – The companion site to The Nihon Review, where other things of great interest (e.g. mid-season impressions, random movie reviews) are usually put up.
  • compass on my field trip – A blog dedicated to reblogging other blogs. Great for discovering new places, exactly in line with it’s name. I’ve definitely found several blogs I now follow thanks to Foxy Lady Ayame, who also writes for several other blogs (most notably Continuing World).
  • Draggle’s Anime Blog – Probably the epitome of concise, Draggle’s posts are usually only a couple of lines interspersed with well-chosen screenshots. He somehow manages to follow a good slice of what is currently airing and posts episodic reviews and reviews of shows for huge swaths of the anime spectrum. Plus I think he has good taste!
  • Fantastic Memes – Like me, Froggykun is very much interested in the broader level of fandom, analysis, and what it means to both “judge” a show and “engage” with the medium. With great writing, good humor, and interesting subjects in every post, he’s probably my favorite blogger at the moment. He’s also helped inspire me to do a better job with my blogging (and has gotten me interested in writing!), and I can’t thank him enough for that.
  • Isn’t It Electrifying? – Besides having a fantastic group of bloggers (gallifreyians, illegenes, wendeego, and vestenet!) and fantastic episodic reviews and broader editorial posts, this was also one of the sites that inspired me to start my own blog! They have a nice mix of opinions, are really readable (illegenes has beautiful writing), and are usually quite insightful!
  • Moe Sucks – E-minor manages to mix the informative with the critical/cynical (extremely well). The blog’s posts definitely live up to its name.
  • Otaku Lounge – Besides being a badass who wrote a PhD dissertation on anime, Artemis now lives and works in Japan blogging on everything from anime, life in Japan, TV adaptations, and more. Concise and well written, her posts frequently inspire a lot of discussion and are easy to read.
  • Perpetual Morning – I feel some sort of anibro connection with Appropriant since we started blogging around the same time. He has some good stuff up, with a very critical eye that tries to straddle anime as “art” as well as “enjoyment,” plus pretty entertaining (and insightful!) posts about his anime club’s escapades.
  • Shiizumi’s Anime Blog – Another anibro who started blogging around the same time I did. Mostly does episodic analysis and season reviews, plus has excellent shipping picks.
  • Standing On My Neck – Flawfinder loves the older stuff, which is ironic considering he got into anime only relatively recently. His posts range from scathing critiques I often disagree with to varying degrees to veneration that I also often disagree with. Regardless of my (horrible) taste (I mean, I like imouto wincest so I can’t really talk!), I respect him a lot for putting his opinions out there and always appreciate hearing them. In addition, Flawfinder has quite an extensive ranking system in place for all the anime he’s seen, which you should definitely check out. He’s also just a cool person in general.
  • Subdued Fangirling – More episodic analysis, with a dash of good humor and subdued fangirling moments. Nothing like getting in touch with your inner fujoshi/fudanshi!
  • The Geek Clinic – Silvachief is the interesting voice who posts good reviews of both anime and non-anime related things with a focus on video games (and music!). Plus simple, concise thoughts on anime that’s always nice to read. If you’re there for Geek Therapy, you’ve probably found the right place!
  • The Untold Story of Altair & Vega – With a talented team of bloggers, A&V‘s posts are well-written, insightful, and delightfully “high-brow”. Another one of my original inspirations as well.

Completed/Mostly Inactive Blogs

Blogs that were great, but have since been retired (either explicitly or implicitly). Everything listed here is a highly recommended read!

  • 2DT’s and Ghostlightning’s blogs, 2-D Telescope and We Remember Love, respectively, are gold mines of fantastic anime posts and discussion which I can’t drum up enough. For a time, 2DT also started a new blog, Conversations at the Café Subculturewhich I really enjoyed but has since been retired.
  • Besides a series of posts chronicling activities at Comiket, Tokyo, and the like, Akira from Letters from the Second Dimension posted on some pretty cool (and unorthodox) topics on anime as well as translations of interviews and the like.
  • SnippetTree, over at Lemmas and Submodalities, was a blogger who made great connections and explored some really interesting anime tangents, and who’s now off to experience the world he loved to blog about.
  • The Dragorol‘s extensive (and extremely well-written) posts on Azuma’s Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals are fantastic (they definitely helped me process the book, and also became part of my series of posts on the subject).
  • Although it’s seems to be retired, whenever I used to see something posted on Super Fanicom BS-X it never disappointed. Posts by Shance and Pontifus were a good portion of my inspiration to start up this blog. Shance can now be found on Rainbowsphere while Pontifus was on tumblr (now twitter and Plasmono).
  • What really hooked me was the entire post on the centaur wardrobe, but the entirety of Listless Ink dealt with some interesting aspects of anime I hadn’t thought of really looking into, much in the same vein as Lemmas and Submodalities.
  • Ace Railgun packed a lot of punch with little text when he was active, and created the original 50 Questions post which made a number of rounds on the anisphere back in the day. He also has published his own short visual novel! Now that he’s started working full-time, he is much less active; however, you can still find him on Twitter.
  • Kritik der Animationskraft – Coming from the “older guy” perspective, animekritik put us younger viewers in our place. Although inactive, the site has some great episodic analysis posts, translations, and discussions (especially of older anime). Plus lots of Harlock fanboying!
  • Offshore Anime – Windyturnip was one of my anibros who started blogging about the same time I did, although he’s less active now.

I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Note: I’ve explained elsewhere that I tend to use the male pronoun for unknown bloggers. If I’m wrong, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Last updated: 10/21/2015

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11 responses to “Blogroll

  1. I’d hate for this to be the wrong place to post this, but I haven’t spotted anywhere else so here goes. I’ve just started my own blog over at, and I was wondering whether you’d be interested in a link exchange. I like the look of your site, so i’ve gone ahead and followed you; i’m looking forward to your future posts!

    • Hey Silvachief – wonderful to hear from you!

      Not a problem – I’d be happy to throw you up. I’ve been meaning to update my Blogroll for a while now, so when I finally get around to it I’ll be sure to add yours to the list. I managed to glance through your first posts and what you’ve done seems like a good start, so keep at it :).

  2. Hey guys… I think it’s an awesome idea to keep the sidebar clear of clutter. I was just thinking… This list is getting way too long so I think a Blogroll is an awesome way to do things. Just set one up on my blog as well.

    I started blogging recently and would appreciate it if you take a look at my blog… I know its not much at the moment but if you think it worthy then please do add it to your list. :)

    • For a new blogger, you’ve really posted a lot! I’ve just added you to my subscription feed, and I’ve thrown you up on here as well. :)

      • Awesome! Thanks! I’m just really motivated and love the whole blogging experience! I’m really enthusiastic when I start a new project. Hopefully I will continue to remain so.

    • Not a problem – I really enjoyed your 12 Days of Anime posts, and look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future! :)

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    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

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