Adventures in Japan (and Bro Liberty)

Welcome to our lovely second installment of adventures in Japan. Unfortunately I was sick this week so we don’t have as much material as last time, but I still have some fun pictures and activities to share. Here’s where we’ve been and what we’ve seen in the past few weeks:


Kappabashi: for the kitchenware festival. It was a lot of fun and we got to see some super expensive and fancy cooking knives for a whole range of applications–apparently Japan is famous for their knives (who knew?).


Kappabashi is also famous for making food replicas, which most Japanese restaurants feature in their window displays.


Apparently these are for cutting soba– not for training serial killers.

Kita Senju: Okay in fairness we’ve really only been in the train station here, but I found something so wonderful that I couldn’t resist sharing. Japan is famous for these Gachapon machines which are basically little plastic bubbles with some kind of toy inside. They have them in the US, but they’re definitely more popular here. Anyway it was in the Kita Senju train station that I discovered my all time favorite Gachapon…

Say hello to frat boy Statue of Liberty.

stat lib 1



Stat Lib 2

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Our lovely lady liberty is apparently a bro who likes to wear sunglasses on Sunday mornings, play Grand Theft Auto, and drink crappy beer. Only in Japan.

Sumida: We finally went to the aquarium. Now I’m not sure if you know, but pretty much my favorite thing to say in Japanese is kame ga ski desu (I love turtles). It drives Josh crazy, but cest la vie. I took a bunch of pictures so prepare to be photobombed by my somewhat subpar photography skills haha.

Mandatory penguin selfie.



I renamed this the “Joshfish” because he was orange and just lay there on the rock unmoving.



Moon jellies!

The aquarium was in the the Tokyo Skytree Tower, which apparently has an amazing view if you go to the top, but Josh and I are both scared of heights and thought our money might be better spent elsewhere.

Coffee: So I finally caved and tried the canned coffee. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! Guys this stuff is seriously amazing and I’m so much more productive with being unemployed when I’m caffeinated XD. That being said, I have a very serious question: will you support me in my quest to try and report on every single brand of coffee I can get my hands on in Japan? I will seriously do it. I will hate myself, but I will do it. Then you can have a comprehensive guide of the canned coffee in Japan. The only reason I came up with this idea is because I tried to see if anyone else had saved me the trouble, but of course they haven’t haha.


Well that’s all for now! I’ll get another post up in a few weeks when we’ve done more exciting things.

I’ll leave you with this:


Seems Godzilla is out of a job…



6 responses to “Adventures in Japan (and Bro Liberty)

  1. I’m really looking forward to spending some time in Japan next year. It seems like one of those places where even the mundane will be fantastically entertaining the first time you encounter it.

    Good to see you guys are enjoying yourselves!

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