Twelve Days of Anime Day Two: We have an Announcement!

So as some of you know, Josh and I have been dating for almost exactly two years now….


Last night, Josh asked me to marry him. This was my response:


Only kidding. I said yes! Ok that’s the announcement, and the reason why I never actually got to throw anything up on the blog last night. Somehow I think you’ll forgive me. Stay tuned. The plan is to post something real tonight!


14 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime Day Two: We have an Announcement!

  1. Congratulations! Here’s to another married couple on the aniblogsphere! Following in Scamp and Day’s footsteps, huh? I’m really happy for you two :)

    • Hahaha that’s actually a pretty good question. I’m the kind of person who likes watching a good romance scene or two, but if it happened in real life I think I’d be very overwhelmed. That being the case, I’m glad our engagement was very low-key.

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