Back of the Envelope: Sometimes I Question our Readership



Be honest, how many of you clicked on this post because of the picture?

Why do people always look up porn on our blog? Seriously though. These are some of our best search terms:


-Oniai Hentai
-Plot boobs
-Crotch boobs (I don’t even want to know)
-Amagami nipple
-Hentai Ikaros
-Anime cats having sex (apparently this is a reference)
-RWBY boobie
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Motorboating soft boobs
-RWBY breast expansion


These were all terms that were searched MULTIPLE TIMES so either the same weirdos keep coming back to our site (no pun intended) for some imaginary pornographic images or there are multiple people searching the same things…not sure how I feel about that.

*This post was inspired by me looking at our search terms and laughing uproariously at what brought people to our site.

[End Questioning]

16 responses to “Back of the Envelope: Sometimes I Question our Readership

  1. If you even casually mention the word hentai, boobs, rape, and the anime’s name on a post, and you allow Google to link your posts, you’re bound to stumble upon people who were attempting to search for the hentai but got too far down the Google Search hole. Though, I like to think that someone searched “squealer moe” without the Shinsekai Yori context and somehow ended up on my blog and was all disappointed that squealer actually meant a humanoid naked mole rat doing an eyetwitch.

    But what really gets me about my stats are the search terms which are obviously meant to spell “appropriate”… but end up with my name. So you get gold such as “what is appropriant about the begining of the odessey”.

      • Such is half the fun of running a blog. Some unfortunate ones pop up, though. Ever since I wrote that post about Aku no Hana’s pseudo-rape scene I get a bunch of search terms with variations of, well, stuff. And things.

  2. The best search term i’ve ever seen for my blog was “visual novels make me realize how lonely I really am”, which I though was rather impressive.
    Nothing sex-related though. Maybe it’s just you guys =P

  3. “Be honest, how many of you clicked on this post because of the picture?”
    Oh, busted D:

    Actually, I also have some similar searches ranging from “h manga” and “sexy anime scenes”. I lol’ed really hard at this one though: “saber have sex with her master”.

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