Could I Have Some More Monogatari With That?

Nekomonogatari: Shiro – why are you so good at being so damn pretentious? Are you justified in talking down to us? Is there something we don’t know, some secret you’re holding back? Are you actually insightful? Do you just shroud yourself in mysteries and lies and clever nothings to force us to dig because you derive some sick satisfaction out of it?

monogatari 1

I mean, in this most recent episode, you literally put yourself in as an insert character, didn’t you?

You did? You really did? Did you think making yourself into a character in your own story was clever? You wanted us to notice, didn’t you? You were trying so hard – making it all so flashy, weren’t you? Trying to hide in plain sight? Did you want us to notice you that badly?

Monogatari 6

You were so pretentious, weren’t you? Were you trying to act as if you knew everything? To fool us into believing you?

Monogatari 2

But aren’t you just a pawn yourself, ultimately at the mercy of your creator? How can you smirk so smugly at us? You’re not the God of your own world, right?

Monogatari 3

You can’t be anything and everything in this series, can you? Wouldn’t that make things too easy? Or were we supposed to be keeping an eye out for it?

Monogatari 4

But I remember – you slipped up, didn’t you? You said you knew everything, so why didn’t you know who Hanekawa was before you saw her? Why did you need to view her through a camera on your phone to make sure? Did you really need to verify her image? It can’t have been an elaborate act, right?

Monogatari 8

You’re not so duplicitous as to fake being not only Gaen Izuko, NisiOisin, Shinbo, and Nekomonogatari: Shiro simultaneously, are you? Aren’t you concerned about playing too many roles at once? Don’t you think people will project too much onto you if you do something like this? Aren’t you turning too many heads this time around?

Monogatari 5

Don’t you think it’s a little bit pretentious to talk about yourself as yourself within yourself? Isn’t that going a bit far? Lecturing us while letting us know you knew we knew – are you sure that’s okay?

Monogatari 7

Do you think we should take you as seriously as you take yourself? Isn’t that asking for a bit much? Why should we listen to you talk about yourself? Are you supposed to be talking down to us? To your creators? To the world?

Monogatari 9

How are we supposed to respond to that? Do you expect us to? Just because you know what you know, do you expect us to be impressed?

Monogatari 10

Is this the “truth” you hold so dear, leaking out in bits and pieces for us to see? Is this your inferiority complex rearing its head? Or ours?

Monogatari 12

Why so many questions? So many issues? Do you really think you have all the answers? Or is that smug smirk the only answer you’ll ever provide?

Monogatari 11

Picture credits go to EntravityThe Cart Driver, and Reddit.

5 responses to “Could I Have Some More Monogatari With That?

  1. I’ve resisted watching any of the sequels/prequels/whateverquels to Bakemonogatari after getting annoyed with what I was hearing about Nisemonogatari. What I liked about Bakemonogatari was how it managed to straddle the line between self-indulgence and something resembling sincerity.

    I’m beginning to think this was a mistake.

    • I think Nisemonogatari got ripped on a bit hard since it dealt with some more touchy (heh) stuff and people who thought it swung much more towards the “self-indulgent” side really eviscerated the thing. There’s a lot going on there resembling the idea of simulacra and fetishizing and a bunch of other nonsense, and I thought it tackled the issues pretty well. I’d say give it a shot, and if you don’t like it then that’s not too big a deal.

      The Nekomonogatari series though is much more a return to Bakemonogatari form, and so I think you should definitely check them regardless of how you might feel about Nise out if you liked what you saw there.

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  3. So in the end do you like this season? From the first review you seem to love the series. Is this a thought about a single character? I haven’t watched this so i don’t know what’s there waiting for me. :D

    • I loved it! I actually thought it contained some of the strongest episodes and overall was a great addition to the series. And I just like the series in general rather than any specific character.

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