Adventures in Japan (And Chipmunks)

Hey guys! We’re alive. Josh and I haven’t posted in ages, which I admit is largely my fault–as he will be more than happy to tell you. But anyway you have to forgive us because we are currently living in JAPAN for a year post graduation! I thought that I would start a new series of blog posts to keep you updated on all the wonderful gloriously weird things that happen to us while we are here. We also have an anime post coming down the pipeline so stay tuned for that.

So far we have visited:


We met some chipmunk mascots that were trying to warn us about fraud. Remember whenever you see a chipmunk it’s secretly an anti-fraud agent. Either that or Japan has a slightly unhealthy obsession with mascots?

IMG_0399 (2)

I’m wearing the pink dress and Josh is the one with the stupid smile behind me.

We also went to this amazing fruit parlor (Takano) and got some delicious and over-the-top parfaits. I wish I wasn’t an idiot and had enough foresight to take pictures on my own camera. Because let’s be honest, anything you don’t take on your own camera is a picture that you’re never going to see again.

Yokohama: Guys. There’s an instant ramen museum and it’s hilarious and totally worth visiting if you ever find yourself in Yokohama. There’s a really cute animated film about Momfuku Ando (the inventor of Ramen) who apparently is something of a god to Japanese people and a room filled with a timeline of all the instant ramen ever invented. I think there may also be a few other locations around Japan if you can’t make it to Yokohama.


Ferris Wheel Yokohama

In addition, it’s also a really beautiful area right on the harbor and there’s a famous ferris wheel. Josh and I are both scared of heights so we opted out, but for you braver souls it would probably be a lot of fun and a great view!


We live here. NBD I don’t even have a picture to share haha. Oh wait that’s not true. I have a picture of my joro spider friend that I took while I was out running a couple weeks ago. According to Japanese folklore this spider can turn into a beautiful woman to seduce men and then eat them. Good thing I’m not a dude because I literally see dozens of them while I’m out running in our neighborhood.



Shibuya: Where apparently they keep piranhas at their botanical gardens. There were lots of nice flowers and some turtles and then a piranha? What? Aren’t piranha’s supposed to be eating people in the Amazon?


It’s a surprisingly unimpressive fish.

I’m not sure how a piranha got to Japan, but I’ve learned to not ask too many questions. We also went to this insane food show (Tokyu Food Show) which is basically and underground plaza with everything you could possibly want to eat under the sun. It was there that we found the obscenely priced melon. This melon must have been magical or something because it cost the equivalent of $108 US dollars. We also found a 3-pack of mushrooms for $162. Totally crazy.














Anyway thanks for reading guys. Depending on the responses we get I’ll decide whether or not to continue this series of posts. Stay tuned!

Also any travel tips or suggestions are very much appreciated. This weekend off to Kappabashi!

2 responses to “Adventures in Japan (And Chipmunks)

  1. I’ve only ever made it to Yokohama once since I’ve been here – I don’t even live on the same island, let alone the same general area – but I freakin’ loved that ramen museum! Seriously, I think it’s one of the best museums I’ve been to in Japan.

    • Haha I found it totally hilarious and awesome that they had an entire museum dedicated to basically what we consider to be “poor college student food” in the US.

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