Hey guys, it’s Rebecca, just saying that I’m alive. I also have a super important question for you guys. Ok it’s not actually that important, but it’s been driving me crazy. So as we did last year, Josh and I are heading to Anime Boston (hit us up if you’re there too!). Last year we did an FMA cosplay with one of Josh’s friends (Risa, Roy, and Armstrong). I think you can guess who was who haha. I’ll give you a hint: I’m a girl and Josh has no muscles.




Anyway so my problem is I can’t make a decision for shit and if we don’t decide soon we’re just going to end up going as Risa and Roy again, which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I thought I’d do some crowdsourcing first.


So here’s the question readers: What awesome/obnoxiously cute couple’s cosplay should Josh and I try for this year since it’ll just be the two of us and not his friend as well? Let us know in the comments! If I hate all your ideas I’ll let you know and we’ll just stick to FMA again XD.

*On a side note, neither of us are very artistic so try to stick to something that isn’t going to require a crazy amount of sewing or arts and crafts skills or money (we’re poor college students).

9 responses to “Hey Guys I HAVE A QUESTION

  1. Obnoxiously cute couple… Hmmmm… Kasuga & Nakamura from Aku no Hana, perhaps?

    I kid I kid… :) When I think cute anime couple, the Holo-Lawrence combo from Spice & Wolf immediately comes to mind. Their interactions don’t really drive the narrative, but they make the show as far as I’m concerned! Love Holo’s sass & spunk. As for the cosplays, they wouldn’t require much work (if at all). Here’s a pic: http://www.superbwallpapers.com/anime/kraft-lawrence-and-holo-7319/

    Just standard pieces of clothing, right? Plus you’d get to wear cat/fox ears, which is awesome! One problem however: I’m not really sure the cosplay would be distinctive enough for Josh/Lawrence? Though as long as he dies his hair silver, carries bags of wheat around for no apparent reason & craftily devises plans to cut in line/tries to buy doujinshi with monopoly money, i’m sure no one would care much about the undistinctive cosplay!

  2. Sora x Shiro (No Game No Life)
    Kokkuri-san x Ichimatsu Kohina (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)
    Gotou Hidenori x Hazama Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco)
    Joseph Joestar X Avdol Mohammed (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures)

    You’re welcome. :P

    • In case you have any objections to the above suggestions (which are perfectly valid awesome/obnoxiously cute couples, as per your order), here are two more which some people might consider more conventional and/or easier to pull off:

      Umetarou Nozaki x Chiyo Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
      -Just remember the polka-dot ribbons and you’re good to go

      Decim X Onna (Death Parade)
      -I’m expecting the snazzy cast of this show to be popular with the con-goers this year. My favorite’s Nona though, it’s those suspenders.

      • Second both of your more conventional options. I suspect Josh might have more fun with Decim X Onna because really, who doesn’t want to be an white-haired supernatural bartender?

        Dancing awesomely is a must, btw if you go this route.

  3. Go as Ginko and Lulu’s bear forms! GAOGAO

    (Ginko just needs the crown, star necklace, and a pink shirt, or a black shirt with a giant pink bow on the back. Lulu needs a frilly white headband with two small green bows at the ears, and then wear a medium-large green bow on the front of a white dress shirt.)

    Or you could go as Penguins. White shirt, blue jacket, Rebecca wearing the pink bow, and Josh carrying a can of bug spray. Optional: spike up your hair to match your penguin, and spray it blue.

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