Back of the Envelope: Little Witch Academia

We didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. Hooray!

I remember when Josh told me he donated to the Kickstarter for a new Little Witch Academia a while back I gave him my perfunctory nod and disinterested response. Then, the other day when I was feeling particularly bored, Josh kept bothering me to watch it. I figured, heck it’s only 30 minutes so even if it’s stupid at least it’s not any worse for my brain than spending hours on Pinterest…I have a problem. Anyway, my Pinterest addiction is really not the topic here. I can talk to my Pinners Anonymous group about that XD. Let’s talk about the show!


For all of you people who think that I’m generally misanthropic, prepare to be amazed. I actually really liked this! Sure it picked up on a lot of themes that have already been done, but it was really adorable and I loved the Harry Potter meets Kiki’s Delivery Service vibe. Anything that borrows from Harry Potter, but does it in a classy way gets an A in my book. Don’t even talk to me about My Immortal. (If you don’t know what that is and feel like dying inside a little bit here’s a link).

Little Witch Academia doesn’t try to do anything too fancy–not that it really can in 30 minutes–but I like that it doesn’t try to overextend itself. The story is sweet and Studio Trigger manages to do a surprising amount of character development in a short span of time. Akko, the main protag worried me a little bit at the beginning because she had the potential to turn into one of those really obnoxious whiny protags (in a sort of Usagi-like manner if we’re thinking about Sailor Moon), but the show kept tabs on that and although she had a bit more of the idealistic naivete than I like in my female protags it wasn’t enough to be a turn off. As for her friends, they were pretty great. Especially Sucy who was just freaking awesome. I want to be able to make toxic potions potent enough to waylay a giant monster!


What a badass.

It was also nice that the show tried to keep it pretty light with the rivalry. At the end of the day, all of the characters were pretty decent people. There was no major baddie showing up and laughing wickedly and wreaking havoc. In fact it’s actually, Akko’s ‘nemesis’ (I say nemesis, but she isn’t really that bad) Diana who ends up causing the major source of conflict by accident when she releases the energy sucking dragon. Diana, though, unlike many other rivals is actually a decent person and admits that she made a mistake and wants to help fix it. It also turns out that she and Akko may have more in common than she’s willing to admit.

Submit 1

See? She’s really not that bad. (She’s saving her, not dropping her haha.)

In closing, I want to get back to the idea of the Harry Potter vibe, it was refreshing that Akko came from a normal human family, but was still able to become a witch, unlike most other anime or shows in general where magical power is inherited from a family line or gifted from some powerful entity. The show essentially combines elements from a lot of different mediums and genre (like RPGs and aforementioned novels and longer animated films), but manages to put it together in a way that was unique and enjoyable to watch. Gotta love the fledgling witch coming of age story right? I’ll definitely be down to watch the next episode whenever that comes out!


5 responses to “Back of the Envelope: Little Witch Academia

  1. I felt like Little Witch Academia was a mix between Looney Tunes and Anime, with the style of the latter and all of the gags the former might employ. It was certainly enjoyable though i’m not exactly dying to help crowdfund a second episode.

    • a mix between Looney Tunes and Anime

      Have you seen Nichijou? It’s like Looney Tunes crossbred with Azumanga Daioh.

    • Haha fair enough! I’m pretty sure Josh helped crowdfund the second one. I agree with you though, I’m not so desperate to see a second episode that I would help crowdfund it, but I’ll definitely watch it when it comes out :).

  2. I guess it’s sorta like live theatre, in that a script that seems rather meh when you read it can totally come to life with the right actors. The sheer care and joy put into this little movie is rather infectious; even though I think the story itself is nothing particularly special, the performance makes me care.

    And yeah, the lack of a really villainous villain gives it a pretty nice feel-good vibe IMHO. And I think you said something nice about Sucy? Sucy is awesome.

    • Sucy is the best XD. Enough said. I think you make a good point, it was really just a very feel-good kind of show–nothing super special happened yet it was still enjoyable.

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