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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on what exactly the blog is for (so sort of like a mid-life identity crisis), and came to the conclusion it’s meant to be not only a mouthpiece for my thoughts and a place to interact with the community, but also a meticulous record of my current interests and a resource for others interested in similar things.

Screenshot 2014-03-31 04.46.33

To that end, I’ve spent the last few days making a variety of changes to the site (and procrastinating on everything else). A summary of what’s changed this time around is listed below.

Small things:

  • The IntroAbout Us, and Overview pages have been updated slightly. The latter-most also now contains a short description of each of the pages on the blog.
  • The Blogroll has also been slightly updated. If there’s any blog you don’t see on it that you think should be (including your own!), feel free to let me know.
  • I’ve now added Nisekoi images to the banner because I’m absolutely loving the show and they’re 10000% relevant with the overarching themes of the blog.

Screenshot 2014-03-23 22.22.02

Medium-sized things:

  • I’ve now compiled a list of all the anime reviews on the site (including shows dropped, broader discussions, etc.) plus the ones I’ve started doing on Twitter and added them to a new Anime Reviews page. I’ll try to keep this updated, so now all of our thoughts on particular anime can be found (alphabetically) in one place without having to do too much searching.

Screenshot 2014-03-31 04.35.41

Large things:

Given that a not-so-small portion of what I end up posting as a now-self-proclaimed “criticism critic” is related to anime fandom fanboying and interpreting interpretation, I’ve now added new pages just for that!

  • First, the Interpretation page gives a (hopefully) coherent history, set of motivations, and collection of posts related to these projects. At the moment, this mainly (almost entirely) includes posts by just me and Froggykun, which isn’t the best thing ever. I’m trying to broaden out at the moment to read much more stuff on the issue, so look forward to hopefully seeing more bloggers (e.g. nil, B0bduh, FILM CRIT HULK) work there in the future! I’m also more than happy to take recommendations for things to add/look into, since I’m nowhere near an expert or authority on this stuff.
  • Second, I’ve now added a Bibliography! It contains a very thorough list of most of the texts I’ve read (either in their entirety or just selections) or have heard about concerning anime, Japan, fandom, and related things. Hopefully, it’ll be a useful resource for anyone interesting in reading more about some of the topics discussed on the blog (I also have a crude ranking system in place at the moment for books I like/recommend, although the organizations a bit jumbled at the moment).
  • As both of these are large works in progress, I would love to hear any and all feedback on how to make them better!

Screenshot 2014-03-31 04.42.01

Other Things:

Any recommendations for the upcoming season? Comments on my (totally amazing) taste? My current list of shows I wanted to check out are:

  • Mekaku City Actors: I got into Jin’s Vocaloid-inspired world through Imagination Forest and thought the manga was decent. My friend absolutely adores the light novels, which gives it another thumbs up. Plus this is Shaft.
  • Hanamonogatari: fucking yes.
  • Kenzen Robo Daimidaler: this is the most childish, immature thing I have seen in a long time (I’m not sure if the robo’s left arm could be any buffer roflmao). So excited for this.
  • Ping Pong The Animation: they had me at “this guy directed The Tatami Galaxy“.
  • Sidonia no Kishi: I’ve heard rumors it’s the Attack on Titan of sci-fi, which means I at least have to attempt the first episode, right? Hopefully no long space boulder (wait, that’s an asteroid!) arcs here lol.
  • Nisekoi: god I love this show so much. Shaft has done an amazing job adapting it so far and I’m very excited to continue this.
  • Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou: “this sounds like every other LN adaptation out there” = thumbs up!
  • Data a Live II: Imouto = best girl.
  • Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara: I’m glad they have had a show like this almost continuously for…has it been around ~2 years now? Anyways, continuing the LN harem adaptation genre!
  • No Game No Life: I really like the artwork, plus I’m a sucker for these types of shows (and anything in the LN adaptation-type genre more generally, if it wasn’t obvious by now).

So that’s 11 shows I think. No sports anime because I haven’t yet seen Kuroko yet and those are on hold until I get to watching that. No Mushishi 2 because I haven’t seen the first season, so I’ll probably just wait until the new season has finished airing and then marathon them both and feel awesome.

Screenshot 2014-03-31 04.44.11

Random notes:

17 responses to “Updates and Stuff

  1. No Game No Life is AOTY candidate for sure. LN adaptation, gamer masturbation, WINCEST, Sakurasou director + seiyuu couple – it’s like this anime was tailor made for me.

    I’m really impressed by your bibliography! Definitely gonna rely on it as I scour for more anime-related literature.

    And oh man, you have to fix up that Interpretation page sometime. Put a bit of variety in it, dude! That whole spiel about me was kind of embarrassing for me to read hahaha :’) The rest of it was fine, though, and it’s nice to see your ideas and framework laid out in one place for easy reference.

    (Side note: I’m actually really interested in seeing how you fit Bobduh’s writing into your interpretation posts. He comes from a trained literary background and definitely tries to play the part of the creative reader through his critiques, which makes him frequently insightful, imo.)

    • Ok – now I’m REALLY excited for the show.

      Glad you like the bibliography, and feel free to let me know what texts you’ve read/read so I can update it with more cool stuff in the future :)

      Sorry about the long spiel – hopefully it wasn’t too embarrassing (and I’m happy to take it down until I can get more people if you’d like). I’d originally just wanted to include a few posts, but I’d forgotten how much more prolific of a blogger than me you are, and before I knew it the section became that monstrosity lol. It actually was a pretty cool experience for me re-reading all your posts on the subject and compiling them in one place, since I’d forgotten just how much we’ve changed in the last year or so.

      As you and I tend to see eye-to-eye on most things, my next step will be trying to inject variety into that section. Which is hopefully where Bobduh and Film Crit Hulk (both of whom I’ve just discovered) will fit in, since they come at things from a much more traditional literary angle rather than our slapdash literary/sociological combo.

    • Second nomination No Game No Life AOTY, bring on the hype! I’ve read the first two novels and confirmed its brilliance. Unlike Mahouka with its generic too-cool-for-school protag and a fawning, perfect imouto, No Game No Life’s sibling pair are broken (in various senses of the word) and literally cannot function without each other. But together (usually with imouto in lap), they can take on God (voiced by Kugimiya Rie). The ecchi parts are blatantly outrageous and self-aware. The “gamer masturbation” isn’t bland like in SAO, but more like Tonari no Seki-kun with Code Geass/Death Note-level gambits. As a bonus to the western fandom, the author lives “the dream,” born Brazilian but finding success as a Japanese artist. As a bonus to me and the Touhou (literally “eastern”) Project fandom, he’s one of us.

  2. I’m rather looking forward to Captain Earth, Hitsugi no Chaika, and Soul Eater Not! in addition to the ones you have listed. Coincidentally, they all happen to be produced by Bones. No Game No Life looks like it’s guaranteed to be brilliant though. I can’t wait for that one. I think the definite list for me are those 4, plus Date A Live 2, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, Mekaku City Actors, and Sidonia no Kishi

    Then there’s a bunch that look pretty interesting, Atelier Escha & Logy, Black Bullet, Break Blade, M3, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Selector Infected WIXOSS

    And finally, the list that I don’t actually expect to be very good, but will try anyways just because they look lulzy: Akuma no Riddle, Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, Mahou Shojou Taisen (how could I not watch a show titled magical girl wars?), Seikoku no Dragonar.

    I want to watch Hanamonogatari, except I haven’t seen any of the franchise….I need to get on that. So many mecha anime this season though, which makes me happy. Also what’s with the recent obsession with animes based on historical Japanese figures, or was that always a thing?

    • I can’t think of Captain Earth without thinking of Captain Planet lol. No Soul Eater Not! for me, since I’m a tool and haven’t seen Soul Eater yet @_@. I hadn’t noticed there was no Bones on my list – that was an interesting coincidence.

      Otherwise I’m glad we have almost exactly the same list lol. :D

      The interesting shows I agree look intriguing; given the huge amount of stuff I’m looking at watching, though, (I used to do 20+, but now I think 10 full -length airing shows is high!) I’ll probably wait to see what other people say before I tune in. Kenzen Robo looks pretty ridiculous though, so high hopes there!

      I think there’s 4 mecha anime this season, all of which look decent! And I’m not sure if it’s always been a thing (obsession with the Sengoku/Meiji era in general has though), but it’s at least been quite prevalent over the past 2 years or so.

      And Monogatari is pretty worth it :).

      • Great, now I can’t look at the title without seeing Captain Planet either haha. Also, I think you would enjoy Soul Eater a lot. It has a very…..unique sense of humor that it does very well. It’s a little over the top, yet a little bit not. Silly without being dumb, or something like that.

        Also I realize I should probably explain what I mean a little more by animes that I “don’t expect to be good but will try anyway”; I say that in terms of a purely objective critic point of view. Which is to say, I often end up loving shows that fall into that category, because I am not an academic critic nor do I try to be. And sometimes, gratuitous stupidity and/or fanservice is very entertaining in its own right (which basically sums up my entire opinion of Unbreakable Machine Doll, if you watched that)

      • I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while since I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so that’s just one more recommendation to add to the pile!

        And okay – I get what you mean. I usually disagree with the “objective critic mode” most reviewers and anime viewers take with shows in the first place, where there’s a weird split between “this is awesome” and “this is good”. I feel that this all depends on what you think anime should be doing, and shows like High School DxD can have just as much merit as say Legend of Galactic Heroes! :)

        Oh god though – I couldn’t deal with Machine Doll. I liked a good amount of the show, but Yaya just…yea…

      • Yeah…Yaya was a bit much. It was worth it for Sigmund though. The fact that the dragon was voiced by the same VA that did Kotomine from the Fate series was half the reason I kept watching the show haha.

        Oh man, DxD was great. Ngl, I loved that show

    • Seconding the Mushishi rec. I started watching it the other day so I could keep up with the cool kids, but found myself really sucked in by the aesthetics. It captures the essence of nature perfectly. Needs more panty shots, though.

      Seriously, though, I think you can watch the second season without watching the first because the episodes are self-contained stories. You can also watch the episodes out of order and still get that feeling of overarching narrative. Give the first episode a shot at least?


  3. I would have recommended Riddle of Devil Story, but then I read the manga.

    Also good on you for trying to pinpoint your blog’s focus. It’s good to have some sort of structure. :)

    • Well, if the manga’s good, the anime might be worth a watch! I’ll keep my eye open and see how it looks.

      And thanks for that – I sometimes think that I worry a little bit too much about structure to be honest! :)

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