The Twelve Days of Anime Day 10: Fangirling vs Fanboying

I am not too incredibly inundated in anime culture (which is why I feel a bit out of my depth on this blog sometimes XD), but since I am planning on heading to Anime Boston this year–hope to see some of you there!–I thought I’d try and tackle what I think the differences and causes of female vs male fandom in a brief post. Josh and his friend seem to already have plans for a trio costume…I think that’s the part I’m most afraid of. Anyway so let’s launch right into this since I’d like to keep this post somewhat short.

Josh has written much more analytical and academic posts on this subject, but I thought I’d keep it somewhat obvious and amusing since it’s much easier to read and write for the most part. 

What girls ‘fan’ about in anime:

1. Cute, sensitive boys: we want a guy who is potential boyfriend material, someone who we can envision ourselves dating. This character is usually a childhood friend and it blossoms into a super sweet romance.

2. The perfect, brooding, sexy guy: Why do we swoon over this one? Do I really need to explain? I mean he’s probably got magical powers and he’s totally damaged, which means that we want to fix him and make him our loyal, devoted slave lover.

3. Cute animals: Um it’s adorable and we kind of want it for a pet, scratch that we absolutely want it to the point that if it actually existed we would beg someone, probably our super sexy, cute, perfect, brooding slaves boyfriends, to buy it for us.

Christmas_Mokona_by_Shinji_Kakaroth4. Shonen ai? Yaoi?-I don’t know what this one is actually referred to as because I’m not really a fan, but I think I can understand the mentality enough to include it on the list. The formula is simple 1 hot boy+another hot boy= 2 really hot boys all over each other doing things that are super hot. Something like that? You’d have to ask a true fan about this one, but I think I sort of get it.

What boys ‘fan’ about in anime:



Picture courtesy of Josh’s Christmas FB album.

*I’d like to note that this post is intended to be tongue in cheek and horrendously unfair to both genders.

(Josh’s quick insert comments: On the subject of an Anime Boston cosplay trio theme, my friend and I are currently trying to decide between something FMA [e.g. Roy, Riza, and Armstrong],  Kill la Kill [e.g. GamagOOOOoooori, Inamuta, and Jakazure], Magi [e.g. Morgiana, Alibaba, and Aladdin], or Zombie desu ka? [Ayumu, cross-dressing Haruka, Yuu]. At the moment, we’re slightly leaning towards the first two but are pretty much on the fence about all of them, so feel free to let us know what you think would be cool to see!)

12 responses to “The Twelve Days of Anime Day 10: Fangirling vs Fanboying

  1. Unless on of you is three metres tall with rippling muscles, Gamagoori/Armstrong miiiiiiiiiiight not be a good idea :-P

  2. I looked at the first half of the post and spent a couple minutes pondering how closely those points fit me (3 and 1 do rather loosely, and with 1 and 4 I’d say you get a pretty neat fit if you reverse the genders—cute sensitive girls and yuri), and then I saw the second half… and spent a couple minutes on reverse image search to figure out what anime she came from.

    So I guess you got me.

  3. Cosplay FMA and post pics. It may be the only anime on the list that i’ve watched but i’d still love to see it.

    If I hadn’t seen the disclaimer I would have had a lot to say about the guys section XD

    Perhaps you guys could do a serious post on the same topic?

    • I’ve been considering attempting one for quite a while, but a serious post on the same topic would be really intense and I don’t think I’d be able to do it justice. From the obsessing over random images like Psycho-Pass’s HYPER OATS to gif-making to the exact dynamics that go behind things like shipping, fetishes, and tropes, fanboying/fangirling is actually extremely complex behavior that I seem to sort of understand on a visceral level…but is almost impossible to describe exactly. One day though I hope to give the topic the attention it really deserves.

      And that’s one vote for FMA! It’s one of my favorite series too :)

    • Hey Silvachief, haha yea I figured it was probably a good idea to throw in the disclaimer. I can definitely talk to Josh about doing a more serious version of this post since I think it would be better as a collaboration.

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