Liebster Awards

So Josh and I were nominated by Appropriant over at Perpetual Morning for the Liebster award! We’re both quite excited and appreciative of this honor and would like to send a shout out to the anime blogger community for their support.


The Liebster award is intended to give some exposure to small blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are as follows:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

In turn, we also have a list of blogs that we’d like to nominate (many of them repeats from Appropriant) and they are:

  • Atelier Emily: We can’t add anything to Appropriant’s description of her blog, because we feel the same way, so we quote Appropriant here: “Infinitely more eloquent with the English language than I, Emily articulates her burgeoning appreciation towards the denser anime with such grace and love. All I can really do is continue reading all this perfection with the burning envy of a thousand suns.”
  • Compass on My Field Trip: A blog dedicated to reblogging great things Foxy Lady Ayame has found while touring the web. It’s great for discovering new places and interesting ideas, and I’ve definitely found several blogs I now follow thanks to her hard work.
  • Fantastic Memes: Assuming Froggykun doesn’t already have 200 people following his blog, like Appropriant, we’re also going nominate him for this because he’s pretty great. Whether discussing the baser levels of anime, or some of the more adademic aspects of fandom.
  • Isn’t It Electrifying?: Between the varied viewpoints and excellent writing of Illegenes, Wendeego, Gallifreyians, and Vestenet, you can’t really go wrong here.
  • Standing On My Neck: The best “oldfag” you could ever ask for. Loud, proud, and unapologetic, Flawfinder really epitomizes his name.
  • SatchiiKoma: With clever posts, great taste, and a love of everything HOT BLOODED, BokuSatchii is always a pleasure to follow.
  • Omonomono: Omonomono is the perfect place for the veteran anime viewer. His casual discussions and rambling on fandom, interpretations, j-pop, idol culture, and in general anything “anime” is always entertaining provided you can keep up.
  • Subdued Fangirling: As the name implies, Muse is none-to-secret with her fangirling! Plus just generally awesome.
  • Things in the Fridge: Although long, rambly, and confusing at times, Misfortunedogged really manages to dissect anime from a delightfully academic, literary perspective. Plus, as the primary blog that inspired this one, he deserves some recognition!

So not 11, but at least we tried! We also tried not to nominate other blogs which already “accepted” the award from someone else, which limited us a little bit.

And here’s our list of questions!

1. If you could be an additional character in any anime, which anime would it be and why?

2. What is your favorite sweet treat?

3. Pick one thing you would change about your hometown and tell us why.

4. What would you say is your greatest flaw?

5. Have you ever had an unrequited crush on someone? Did you do anything about it or just let the person go?

6. If you had to be locked in a room with one other person for the next five years, who would that person be?

7. Favorite movie?

8. What website is your biggest time suck?

9. What is one thing you’d like to do differently in 2014?

10. If you could live in one type of weather all the time what would it be?

11. Do you believe in soulmates?

Our Answers to Perpetualmorning’s questions:

1. How much interest do you hold towards foreign countries, excluding Japan? When given the opportunity, would you like to move to one of them?

Rebecca: I’d really love to travel to foreign countries some day just to try out some authentic cuisine (and by cuisine I mean desserts haha). Not to mention I think it would be a great experience to go somewhere other than different states. I should definitely try and be a bit more cultured than I am. In terms of moving to and living in another country–I wouldn’t be averse to it depending on if I was moving with someone else (significant other or something) and if I had career prospects/something to do there, but staying in the US would be okay as well.

Josh: The world’s a really big place, and I’d love to see as much of it as I can. My biggest draw is definitely towards Europe, especially countries like France, but I’d love to see it all. If given the opportunity, however, I don’t feel a draw towards moving to any particular country at the moment. So a nonresponse there–I’m not sure, and will find out when the time comes!

2. Think about a Mary Sue/Gary Stu crafted in your image. What would not change between you and your ideal?

Rebecca: Hmm I think I’d stick to my guns in terms of my values and personality and for the most part physical appearance. Although I do think I’d like to be a little bit less shy and indecisive haha.

Josh: While I might want some tune-ups in the physical department (three cheers for Masato!), I definitely would not change most of what’s on the inside. I’m happy with my personality and my core values :). Unless someone told me I could be Kirito. Then I’d be sold.

3. Consolefag, PCfag, or CandyCrushfag?

Rebecca: I guess PCfag? I technically have a Mac, but I spend all my time on the computer.

Josh: Probably PCfag (LoL2stronk), although I also enjoy consoles quite a bit.

4. What’s your favorite kind of noodle?

Rebecca: Angel hair. Definitely angel hair. I’m originally from NJ so I’m a pasta snob.

Josh: Whatever they use to make real ramen. That stuff is the shit.

5. Have you ever watched anime in a group larger than one? If so, how does it compare to when you watch anime alone?

Rebecca: Indeed I have! I went to anime club with Josh twice a week so a bit larger than one XD. I don’t see too much of a difference, except for the fact that when I watch anime alone I’m horrible about multitasking while doing it whereas in the club oh wait, I multitask there too haha.

Josh: As Rebecca said, watching anime in a group tends to work well for shows that are more discussion-oriented or less serious, and I really enjoy those when people comment on things like “Oh, that’s an interesting parallel” or “LOLWHATJUSTHAPPENED”. For the more serious, philosophical, drama-ish stuff, I prefer to be alone.

6. What songs in your current playlist are you not necessarily proud of?

Rebecca: “Call Me Maybe”. Just a little bit of shame.

Josh: Since I mostly just listen to a bunch of anime stuff, I’d have to say probably the Kotoura-san OP and the WHO IS IMOUTO OP. Because that’s where it’s at.

7. Suppose a “____ Note” came into your possession. What would it be, and what would you do with it?

Rebecca: Ooh this is a tough one. Let’s go for a Wish Note. If I had a Wish Note, I’d probably wish to be 5’9, blonde, and busty. I’m only kidding–that’s Josh’s wish for me ;). Nope, if I had a Wish Note I’d want to solve the Global Warming crisis, have enough money to live comfortably without having to work a job I hated, and probably eradicate all serious infectious diseases along with some other icky ones that just make my skin crawl.

Josh: Ouch – that first part hurt :p. If I had something, let’s go for a Music Note. It’d be like composition paper, except the melodies you’d compose would do things. Wait, this sounds an awful lot like Jakazure in written form…

8. What does it mean when you love an anime?

Rebecca: It means that I will be able to watch more than 2-3 episodes in one sitting and will actively try to finish it as quickly as possible.

Josh: That it not only is great to watch, but becomes an experience that I dearly treasure.

9.  How optimistic are you about your future?

Rebecca: Eh, relatively optimistic I guess. It would be kind of sad if I wasn’t.

Josh: I’m in general pretty optimistic about my future, although I try not to look too far ahead most of the time.

10. What is a positive and negative impact that your schooling/campus life has contributed to your personality?

Rebecca: I’ve definitely chilled out a lot since getting to college. I used to be much more uptight about things and now I kind of go with the flow more. I think it’s better for me since I don’t get stressed out nearly as often as I used to. In terms of negative: I don’t think I’m as awesome as I used to. Before college I thought I was the shit, but now eh my opinion is lower. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Josh: One great positive impact is that, through my friends and my time in school in general, I’ve really learned how to think critically, which has been great. One negative thing that’s come out of it though is that I am much more academic and prone to discussion, which sometimes leads to a bit of a disconnect when I come back home and hang out with many of my friends from high school who just don’t really care much at all about anything academic.

11. Do you prefer chests or booty? Or are you fine with plunderin’ both?

Rebecca: Uh…neither? They’re both fine? I go for face/height in a guy over anything else physical.


6 responses to “Liebster Awards

  1. the Kotoura-san OP


    Typing that took about four seconds off of my lifespan. I hope you’re proud. Thank you two for responding so quickly, by the way! I was sort of expecting everyone to get to this after 12 Days, so it’s a nice surprise to see that you got to it.

    • It took at least 1 second off my lifespan reading that. Plus the time it took to watch the entire show. I HOPE YOU FEEL GREAT ABOuT YOURSELF AND LIVE A HAPPY, FULFILLED LIFE. Although it’s not like I want you to or a-anything, b-b-BAKA!

      And yea, what better way to procrastinate the 12 days post or watching our secret santa recommendation than writing this up? It was a nice change of pace ;)

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