12 Days of Anime Day 2: The List of 2D Guys I Want to Marry (Because I have to write 12 of these so why not?)

Updates: If you haven’t noticed, we’ve done a little bit of reorganizing on our blog! Besides chaning the general layout, we’ve removed the “Currently Watching” page because that never got updated (plus our MALs are pretty much up-to-date most of the time), reshuffled our blogroll, and have updated most of the text on each of the pages. Hopefully the new design looks better and is easier to navigate!

As I’m sure you know, Josh is always going on in his posts about 2D girls and if you take a look at our tag cloud, I’d like to you to note that one of the largest categories (no pun intended) is BOOBS. I promise you, I am not the one using that tag. That being said, if he gets to talk about anime boobs all day then I think I’m entitled to talk about the anime guys I would like to bring home with me (to snuggle with of course ;)). Therefore, I bring you the definitive list of 2D guys that I want to marry:

1. Iskander (Fate/Zero)- Can I even begin to list the reasons why you are so amazing Iskander? Probably has something to do with your bulging, manly muscles and the fact that you conquered half the known world like a boss. Plus I’m pretty sure that if I had any problems with anything you could literally smash them to a pulp on my behalf, which is always comforting. Then your devil-may-care look with scruffy ginger hair and chiseled physique doesn’t hurt either. I mean then there’s the added bonus of his Noble Phantasm, which would essentially mean that I’d have an entire army at my beck and call. Not too shabby!


2. Haji (Blood+)- You play the cello, you would follow me for centuries fueled by undying, unrequited love, and you can take down blood-thirsty monsters. What’s not to like? There is something so sexy about a quiet, brooding guy just as long as he isn’t a total tool who watches me sleep (you know who I’m talking about cough Edward cough). I mean he even knows how to garden! Haji is also a total gentleman and after dating someone who wears sweatpants all the time it would be nice to spend some time with a guy who dresses nicely! Total catch. Saya doesn’t deserve him.


3. Roy Mustang- I have to put a brains on here. The rest of them are purely romantic prospects, but when it comes to someone who I’d actually want to have conversations with for the rest of my days, I think that you’re the guy Roy. Sure, you’re a little hotheaded, but that’s to be expected. You’re also quite clever and tenacious, something that goes far in my book. I think you’d be a pretty awesome husband, not to mention you’re not lacking in the looks department by any means. Also, he fact that you’re technically the ruler of an entire country doesn’t hurt at al.


So yea…that’s the list of my prospective husbands. If anyone knows how to contact/set me up with any of them I will be forever in your debt and will bake you a boatload of cookies.

Also, let me know who your ideal anime significant other(s) would be!  (I like gossip just as much as the next girl ;)).

What do you think?

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