Fall 2013: First Impressions Round Two

Keepin’ ’em coming.

Just thought I'd throw this up here to let people know I'm not watching Coppelion for absolutely no reason I can fathom.

Just thought I’d throw this up here to let people know I’m not watching Coppelion for no reason whatsoever.

Log Horizon

Nothing too much to say here, except reiterating the obvious that riding on the coattails of SAO is never the best thing for a show like this. That said, it actually was executed decently well, although nothing was super-memorable.

Log Horizon

I’ll probably stick with this for a few more eps and see where this goes, but so far I’m optimistic we’ll get a different ride (in a good way).

Unbreakable Machine-Doll

So I definitely have a slight (AKA quite large) bias towards blond tsundere ojou-sama types, which means that this show already had a leg up on me. Draggle and Flawfinder have already commented on the not-so-good animation quality, so I’ll leave that alone and talk about the characters in general.

Unbreakable Machine Doll 1

In short: tropes abound. Typical angsty yet stand-in underdog male protagonist. Accompanied by a girl who pretty much fulfills the typical female “all over MANtagonist” role, who gets constantly shut down. And then they meet a bunch of walking tropes, and the harem-building begins!

Unbreakable Machine Doll 2

In other words, it’s got me interested for a couple more episodes.

Outbreak Company

For some reason, I feel like I’m watching a tamer version of High School DxD when I watch this show. Which is AWESOME. The premise is so dumb, it’s brilliant! (Seriously though – it’s pretty great.) The sound effects are also golden – whoever came up with the idea of playing 8-bit off-key sounds with some unenthusiastic guy going “duh duh duh duh duh duh” over it accompanied by some type of bongo-like percussion deserves a medal or something!

Outbreak Company 1

Plus the random SDF cameos were pretty great.

Outbreak Company 2

I also must admit to quite liking half-elf maids and random tsundere loli Supreme Rulers. Only anime can pull something so ridiculous.

Outbreak Company 3 Outbreak Company 4

Probably my favorite show of the new season besides Kill La Kill and Infinite Stratos 2 at the moment. Make of that what you will!

Arpeggio of Blue Steel 

The complete CG animation was definitely an interesting twist. The plot failed to grab me (not sure why, since it seemed pretty interesting throughout although I never really got viscerally engaged with it), although the concepts and the battleship fights were pretty cool.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Although it probably makes me a BAD PERSON, the eyes (especially on Iona) looked more fish-like than usual, which also unnerved me.

Yowamushi Pedal

Okay, that was quite the wacky premise. But I can dig this strange shounen! And the anime tune singing – I’ve totally been guilty of doing the same thing on my bike, albeit not when riding up the IMPOSSIBLE SLOPE OF DOOOOOOMMMMMM.

Yowamushi Pedal

Count me in for a couple more eps.

Magi S2

That opening/prologue sequence was badass! Plus the ending shot had great shots of rukh flying underneath the Milky Way, which always tickles my fancy. Other than that, the plot developments seemed a little bit too rushed, but otherwise it’s great to see the story back on solid footing again, rather than that weird filler stuff that was going on at the end of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing the cast head out again on their own adventures, both external and internal. Plus, the newer, more realistic look at Sinbad’s character was a nice change up from the first season, which I appreciated.

Magi S2

I’m ready for this second season to get the ball rolling!

[End of part 2]

Pictures swiped from Google. Give me a holler if I ended up stealing your picture and you want credit!

2 responses to “Fall 2013: First Impressions Round Two

  1. Since I don’t have as much time as I did last year where I could give pretty much every show the 3 episode rule, I’m glad I can rely on your first impressions to help me figure out what to watch. :D
    Also, have you watched White Album 2 yet? It has no plot relation to the original White Album and so far it seems to be going in a really good direction with excellent animation and music.

    • Glad my impressions are a) comprehensible, and b) helpful!

      I have not watched White Album 2 yet, but it sounds promising based on your quick description so I might check it out in the next few days.

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