Quick Updates

Some quick updates about the blog and stuff.

  • The Currently Watching page has finally been updated with shows I’m still finishing up from last season and shows I’m watching/planning to watch this season. I haven’t really started anything yet though besides the new season of Monogatari. Do you guys have any recommendations for either currently airing stuff I missed or some older shows you think I might want to get around to instead? (My MAL is here.)
  • Actually, Rebecca’s not watching any shows at the moment either, although she’s currently working on a post that should be up in the next day or two. She’s also wondering if you guys have any recommendations for shows, both old and new. (Her MAL is here.)
  • The Blogroll has also finally been updated to reflect changes in my subscription habits, I’ve added some new links, removed/moved around some old ones, and updated the blogs I have on my sidebar as well. I might be tweaking it a little in the coming weeks, but so far things look relatively settled.
  • If you haven’t checked in the last month or so, the About Me page has been changed to an About Us page, with slight edits to my section and a new one for Rebecca. The Introduction to the blog also has been slightly tweaked. The Book Reviews page has also been updated to reflect the three anime-related books that I’ve reviewed so far.
  • I’m now working a substantial amount at doing this “research” thing, which means my posts might be a bit slower coming out for the rest of the summer as my time becomes increasingly skewed towards astronomy-related stuff. I do plan to continue my “Summer in Japan” posts, because that’s something I really want to do while I’m here, but it probably will mean I won’t be blogging much about anime for the rest of the summer. Apologies to anyone who is more interested in the anime stuff – I’ll get back to you in a month and a half or so!
  • I also wanted to mention that, although it’s been a while, I haven’t forgotten about my Interpreting Interpretation or Japanese Fandom Through the Ages posts – I’ve just been distracted and preoccupied. I’ll get back to them once I have some more time.

5 responses to “Quick Updates

  1. Oh, cool, I’m on the blogroll now! And holy crap, I snuck into the sidebar too! *preens*

    So, recommendations for you guys… I think Rebecca should watch Nana. No fantasy (she seems to be fed up with it judging from her Moribito post), heavy relationship drama, lots of character depth, REALISM~ I rather think she might like it.

    As for what’s airing this season, I’m partial to Watamote and I think it has some interesting ideas and stylistic devices that would interest Josh. Everything on his ‘plan to watch’ list on the Currently Watching page is good, I think. But scrap the Illya show – it’s a flop!

    • I actually just started watching Watamote and was completely blown away. I saw the first 3 episodes with a couple of friends last weekend, and we all were absolutely dying every episode. And then all agreed that if we had watched this alone we’d be crying Q_Q.

      You also know me too well – during the episodes, the things that caught my interest were exactly the stylistic devices and the cool ideas it represented. Much more fleshed out than the manga (and fantastically executed!).

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll take a look at Nana and see if I think it’s worth watching.

  2. Wow, lots of changes ^_^ I don’t seem to have made it onto the blogroll like you said, but i’ve added you on mine under “Anime and other Japan-related stuff”. Do you think that fits your blog? I can change it to something more fitting if it doesn’t.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Sorry about that – forgot to update the page since I was editing in chunks! You should be on now :)

      And I think that sounds just fine – fits what I’ve posted so far quite well. Thanks!

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