Kara no Kyoukai: Ending at the Beginning

So since I’ve sort of found my blogging style and niche (man looking through some of my early posts is a little bit painful), I’ve been thinking about my initial idea to do a full blog of the Kara no Kyoukai series. It’s been a while, and the more I look back and think about my first posts about the first movie, the more I think I said all that’s really necessary in order to understand the series. I no longer want to talk about each of the seven movies (plus epilogue) individually, but rather give an overview of the themes and concepts that are present throughout, and how best to examine them. In that light, much of what I discussed in my first posts (part 1, part 2) hold throughout.

I only have a few things I want to clarify or organize a little bit better, and so I’m going to use this post to do that.


I guess this is a bit like the epilogue, actually. Whatever that means.

On Type-Moon: TM is first and foremost the master of turning everything into some overarching philosophical statement, complete with copious amounts of dialogue. This probably ties in to their presence in the VN scene. However, this (usually) isn’t lazy writing, but frequently very insightful and abstract discussions. It’s a style thing, and whether or not you like it (I do) will impact how much you enjoy the show, even excluding Ufotable’s gorgeous visuals.

Supplementary material: Much of KnK is related to Eastern philosophy. Japan tends to be a mixing pot where many of the ideas that came from China (and before that from India) sort of congeal together into a new form. Although the show will probably be enjoyable regardless, it does actually have a message, which will be easier to understand if you know it better. Things that might help include:

    • Taoism/Daoism (inner nature, emptiness, effort)
    • Buddhism (emptiness, attachment, desire), probably with a focus on some aspects of Zen.
    • Yin/Yang (duality and mutual opposition)
    • Mysticism relating to all three (e.g. ghosts, chi, etc.)

There probably are a lot of things that could contribute, but those are good places to start. Most of the themes I discuss in the opening posts also apply throughout; there are some variations movie to movie, but largely those main themes are what’s important, and the series offers a couple possible answers.

Anyways, just wanted to put this out there to let everyone know that I’m “dropping” the rest of the series. Hopefully my posts are useful, since KnK is a series I haven’t seen discussed much here on the anisphere.

Note: Sorry about my lack of activity over the past couple weeks. I’ve been recovering from a not-terrible-but-still-quite-debilitating case of mono, and so will probably be also quite absent over the next week or two as I attempt to catch up on work.

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