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131675_488320463801_592603801_6043513_6546424_oJust a notice that I’m still alive and kicking! Winter break, plus a very busy start of the semester, has left me quite behind on my anime. However, things have started to lighten up, and I’ve finally started catching up on all my shows.

In other news, I’ve updated (and now partially cleaned up) my Blogroll, as well as my Currently Watching page. See the sidebar for any recent updates and/or more info, and hopefully you’ll be reading more stuff from me in the upcoming weeks!

2 responses to “[Insert Portal Reference Here]

  1. …. and here I am thinking you left the aniblogosphere for good lol. Welcome back bro! Hopefully, I’ll also be back next week. So you might as well update your blogroll, again :)

    • Thanks. Assuming my next couple weeks won’t be too heavy on the homework, I should be able to keep up my activity. Hope to see you start posting again soon!

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