12 Days of Anime: Day 12 – Space Brothers

Day 12: Space Brothers

On the twelfth day of anime my waifu gave to me,
twelve dreamers dreaming,
eleven Kirito-kun’s,
ten karma demons…
nine sleeping Shiina’s,
eight Furugoori’s,
seven cloudy hues,
six girls a-fawning,
five metal vessals!
four Riki routes…
three Jormungands…
two rockin’ Joestars…
and a chu2 from KyoAni!

Let's not kid ourselves - Apo would probably be the best astronaut out of the three.

Let’s not kid ourselves – Apo would probably be the best astronaut out of the three.

So this final “12 Days of Anime” post is about Space Brothers, a show near and dear to my heart.
I’m an utter sucker for anything space-related, and I found it hit home with me on a a whole slew of levels.

It’s a show about dreams. About reaching beyond the sky, up into the void. About following them against all odds, even if life takes you places you’d never expect. About dreaming big – and going even bigger.


This theme of chasing your dreams is everywhere – we see how it has shaped Serika’s life; how it breathes new life into Kenji’s (and Mutta’s); how Furuya’s is only possible due to the dreams and efforts of others; how Fukuda’s dreams consumes his reality. We come face to face with all these people – astronauts, engineers, public speakers, JAXA employees – that fire us up, inspire us to dream big and go for it. And through it all, Hibito is constantly there, watching over us, telling us it’s okay to keep our childish dreams alive. We see the fruits of his labor, his launch to the moon, his first great leap onto the surface of another world. And even if we don’t achieve everything we work for, the characters let us know it’s not all for naught. There’s a sense of peace there that we get from knowing that we gave it our all, and that someone else has taken up our dream and brought it to life for us. For we never truly lose them – we simply pass the torch to another bearer.

The Team

I’m not going to lie – I’ve broken out into tears in at least every other episode, touched by the beauty, the desire, and the inherent human quality that is present in the story and characters. You get to learn about their pasts, their motivations, their mistakes and meanderings, their flaws and strengths. No one is perfect, and you’re rooting for everyone to succeed – whether at achieving their dreams, or becoming the person they need to be in order to match up to them. We can see bits of ourselves in them. And their dreams, at least temporarily, become ours when we watch each week’s episode.

Howling at the Moon

And the relationship between Mutta and Hibito. That dynamic imbues the title Space Brothers with so much meaning. Their bond is something else.

Space BROS

I can’t of much else to say. It’s always difficult to articulate all the feelings I get when watching the show. I guess the best way to say it would be that I get FEELS. But I love Space Bros, possibly much more than it warrants. But I still love it to death. And so I end with a quote:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Le Petit Prince

Well, that’s it for me attempting to wax eloquent. These “12 Days of Anime” posts were a lot of fun, and a nice way to start off my newfound life of sporadic anime blogging. And with that, I wish everyone Happy Holidays, and a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party 2012

I can think of no one better suited to being Santa Claus than Rider.

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