12 Days of Anime: Day 8 – Robitics;Notes and Frau

Day 8: Robotics;Notes

On the eighth day of anime my waifu gave to me,
eight Furugoori’s…
seven cloudy hues…
six girls a-fawning…
five metal vessels!
four Riki routes…
three Jormungands…
two rockin’ Joestars…
and a chu2 from KyoAni!

Whenever I see Subaru, I can't get this image out of my head.

“Alcyone. Electra. Maia. Taygeta. Celaeno. Asterope. Merope. By the blessing of the Seven Sisters, I descend from four hundred light-years in space! I AM MISTER PLEIADES!” Now, whenever I see Subaru, I can’t get this image out of my head.

What can I say about R;N? It’s been quite good so far, but the real star of the show by far has to be Frau. She’s just…just…THE BEST. I honestly can admit that if the showed spent the next dozen or so episodes on just Frau I would be perfectly content. And so I’ll use today to fanboy about just how amazing she is by posting a bunch of pictures of her escapades.

Frau 1

That sly grin.

Frau 2

She knows where it’s at.

Frau 3

Frau’s got this.

Frau 4

Makise Kurisu, it seems you’ve been outdone! All hail the new 2ch goddess.

Frau 5

Her tastes are impeccable.

Frau 6

Nice try Kai.

Frau 7

1-on-1 with Frau? YOU’D BE A FOOL TO REFUSE!

Frau 9

TSUNDERE TOO?! uwheroeivnkabcskavi *dies*

Frau 10


Frau 11

Tellin’ it like it is.

Frau 12

Subaru – we salute you for your valiant effort.

You’ve got one right here…tmi?

There’s also a nice post about Frau at Conversations at the Cafe Subculture (I grabbed an image or two from there as well).

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